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If you are based in New Zealand and looking for an online casino to join, where do you start? If you are new to casinos and gambling it can be a challenge to find the right site that you know will be safe and is able to provide the entertainment that you are after. Our guide to online casinos in New Zealand will help you to learn and understand all there is to know about finding the right online casino for you to join.

We present subjects regard New Zealand-based online casinos, so you are able to learn individual areas that are important when it comes to spending money online and taking part in legal gambling in New Zealand.

Once you have finished with our guide, you will have far greater confidence in playing and understanding what the services and features are being offered to you. We also have an in-depth look into deposit free spins.

Gambling online

Why gamble online in the first place? For some new players, it could be to do with killing time and boredom, for some, it’s additional means to an income, perhaps you might just be inquisitive. Taking the first steps into an online casino is daunting no matter your reason for doing so, this is because gambling comes with such stigma, you even question if what you are doing is right?

Fear not, it’s something we have all been through, there are no commitments to stay within these online casinos in New Zealand, you can join and leave anytime you wish to.

The clear point to highlight when it comes to playing inside Kiwi casinos online is that it’s 100% luck that makes you succeed. Do not fall into the trap of chasing debt or thinking your time is going to come. Winning big whilst enjoying online gambling in New Zealand, is all about being in the right place at the right time and on the right game.

But also take note, it isn’t just you and a few hundred thousand Kiwi players inside this casino. The best online casino NZ has is also the best for other countries. These casinos are global platforms and there are millions of players signed to these sites, and they are all playing for the same jackpots.

This is the reality, all the games are multiplayer features and it’s not you against the online casinos in New Zealand, it’s you against the players of the world.

Accepting the NZD

For more clarity on how these platforms actually run, note that none of them actually exist within the borders of New Zealand.

In order to comply with NZ’s gambling laws they cannot be formed by remote business, so, in fact, all the online casinos in New Zealand are actually registered outside of New Zealand.

You will still be able to pay and play with New Zealand Dollars (NZD) it changes nothing just because these casinos are not based in NZ. You will still have access to local and alternative banking services that can help finance your gaming time.

Legally deposit and withdraw

So, what are the options to deposit and withdraw when a member of the online casinos in New Zealand?

Well, when it comes to localized payment services, you have Visa and Mastercard services. These have long been the number one forms of payment since casinos went online and provide users with instant deposits, easy to track expenditure, 128-bit+ SSL security and you get FCA regulation support.

Your alternatives in the online casino are as such:

  • Cryptocurrencies: Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum have always been usable in casinos for a couple of years now and since the 2021 boom in the market, crypto is going to be a major player in financial services and provides players with anonymous payments and the faster withdrawal times of any banking option.
  • E-Wallets: A very popular alternative is the e-Wallet service. Companies like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller provide a middle-man service that bypasses direct bank to bank transactions so money is transferred more safely.
  • Prepayment: Vouchers/Top-up card services are available inside some of the Kiwi casinos online. You will buy an online prepay voucher for x-amount and have a code that is used to put that money into your casino account. This eliminates the entire banking situation.

What laws apply to online gambling in New Zealand?

When it comes to the NZ gambling legislation not many players would claim to know the finite details of their right to gamble both in land casinos and within Kiwi casinos online. So, what are the laws and your rights when it comes to online casino action? Well, as noted earlier, these are all overseas based websites that are able to comply with the gambling laws because they are not based in New Zealand.

The Gambling act 2003 is very much like many other national gambling acts. In short, gambling is restricted to government run sites providing lottery and casino games. For other sites that are registered in NZ, gambling is illegal. For land-based casinos, legal gambling in New Zealand is possible through a license from the city council. Yet a business in the same city cannot make their own online casino.

There is also no law or ruling with regards to the use of foreign sites. The simple reason being is that no government can control or govern what sites can and cannot be accessed online. Unless you live in North Korea.

Accessing legal gambling in New Zealand, therefore, requires players to join casinos that are registered overseas.

NZ online casino sites

Who is the best online casino NZ site to join? Well, there are many to pick from and we present a list of ten that are all equal in quality. We recommend joining these casinos if you want licensed and regulated services with the best security and games available. Some of them such as Betway are among the best New Zealand betting sites.

Note: you can always join more than one online casino.

  • Wildz
  • Gate 777
  • Caxino Casino
  • Betway
  • Jackpot City
  • Captain Spins
  • Spins Casino
  • Raging Bull Casino
  • Casino Dingo
  • NightRush
  • Rizk Casino

Each one of these casinos can offer players in New Zealand with a special welcome bonus that is exclusive to new players only.

These are option rewards that can be claimed when making your first deposit to play inside the casinos.

Best online casino NZ

What makes a casino the right site to join? Getting the best casino online is not just about joining the most popular casino online. There are a number of factors to consider, and all players are different in how they play and what they play, and the most popular casino online may not provide what you ideally want.

First, check that you are able to match the required banking services of the online casinos in New Zealand. You don’t want to register to then discover they can only take your payments for deposits but cannot withdraw with the same service.

Next, it is best to check on their games. More is often better. A casino with lots of games is a sign that they use more developers, this creates more choice and chance of success while playing. Look to see what services you can benefit most from. So, if you love roulette, then opt for a casino that can offer both live and virtual roulette.

Also, take notice of the promotional offers. Make sure you can get rewards for your favourite games and that the casino provides loyalty rewards for committed players.

Whilst you’re taking an active role in online gambling in New Zealand, consider responsible gambling measures. Be self-aware of the risks of betting. Wins are based on luck and losing is inevitable. If you discover that gambling is no longer fun, yet you pursue it to win money and clear debts, then you may wish to seek professional help from gambling addiction charities like Charities like these are able to provide support for players that are seeking advice and help with regard to their gaming addition. You will find that the best casinos online also have their own links to responsible gambling associations and can provide players debit limits to reduce spending.

Final Thoughts

In the ever-expanding world of online casino gaming, New Zealand (online casino NZ) stands out with its diverse and user-friendly offerings. A variety of payment methods are tailored to suit every player's needs and preferences, from traditional solutions like PayPal casino and Paysafecard casino to innovative options like Bitcoin casino. Moreover, NZ Dollar casinos ensure seamless transactions without the need for currency conversion. For those looking to start small or explore, $1 deposit casino, $5 deposit casino, and $10 deposit casino options provide flexibility without a significant investment. Along with these, many platforms further entice players with deposit free spins, enhancing the gaming experience and offering more chances to win. The combination of these features makes online casino gaming in New Zealand accessible and exciting for players with varying interests and budgets.